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My name is Louise and I am a nurse and midwife. I have been deeply touched by the fields of healthcare and support for a very long time. As midwives, we accompany the adults of tomorrow.

Since the age of 19, I have been exploring the world of childbirth, and have had the opportunity to discover our profession in several countries, including Senegal, Finland, Rwanda, Morocco, Canada, France, and Luxembourg through internships and professional experiences. I am a midwife, with and for women and their families, guiding them towards autonomy in the development of their resources and accompanying them in free and informed choices regarding their physical, psychological, and emotional health.


After graduating, I first worked for a few months in a hospital setting and quickly joined Wheel of Care as an independent midwife. In parallel with my early career, I obtained a certificate in advanced clinical practice in midwifery, which broadened my knowledge in comprehensive birth support.


Furthermore, I recently wanted to expand my scope of practice as a support person in women's affective and sexual lives, particularly around preconception and contraception. 

I am a trainer in the Sensiplan method: supporting women and couples towards "natural" and "autonomous" management of their fertility through the sympto-thermal method.

I offer Sensiplan consultations in the Wheel of Care - Huis Van Het Kind Zuid offices or online.

To learn more about the sympto-thermal method: https://symptothermie.info/

If you are interested in the Sensiplan method, please contact me directly via email or phone.


ponce.louise@gmail.com | +32492440005 


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I am a registered dietitian and help (future) moms, dads and children make peace with food and eat healthily. I can help you with the introduction of solid foods, selective eating or nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I can also guide you in case of medical and weight problems, or if you follow a plant-based diet.


Motherhood made me a dietitian with an intergenerational view. My motto is to practice what you preach, also foodwise. I work without restrictions and with attention to emotional health, intestinal flora and nutritional deficiencies.


In 2022, I got to know Wheel of Care during a breastfeeding event in the park. I am very happy to join such a devoted, sustainable and enthusiastic team! You are welcome for a consultation at Huis van het Kind Nieuwland or I will come to your home.

In my spare time, I exercise with my son at the playground, enjoy nature and love to eat together with friends, or go to the market at the Abattoir in Anderlecht.


Contact me if you have questions or book a free introductory meeting.


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I graduated as a nurse and as a social assistant. I love working, especially with people from different cultures, each with their own story. I like to learn something from everyone.

In addition, I get vibrant energy from the city of Brussels and from cycling.

Combine all this and I get the job of my life!

I have followed the Wheel of Care project from the very beginning and I am so proud to be part of our fantastic care team.

When I'm not working, you'll find me in a brown Brussels café, on the field of a football hall or in nature looking for adventure.



Acupuncture is a very old traditional Chinese medicine that relates all aspects of a person (body, mind, environment) to each other. Through acupuncture, the body can be brought back into balance, and thus can certain complaints be eliminated. As a midwife, I like to focus on the woman in all her facets. This includes menstrual disorders, endometriosis, fertility problems, complaints during or after pregnancy, and even menopause.
I find it very important to work on certain themes that are strongly present in our society, such as stress, burn-out, depression, gastrointestinal complaints, headaches, etc. 

For more info & questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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After graduating as a midwife in 2021, I was eager to get started. After being employed for a short period in a hospital in Ghent, I quickly found out that it was in home care that I wanted to work.

Whilst searching for a nice practice and workplace, I came across Wheel of Care and was immediately convinced! All the things I value so much come together here: sustainability, offering personal care to everyone and cycling.

Every day, I really look forward to going out to Brussels and supporting our patients and families. When I'm not working, I love going to second-hand shops, being creative or having dinner with friends and family.


Friends describe me as someone who likes bringing people together. I have a heart for care, a head for solutions and a creative mind.

Before working as a home care nurse for Wheel of Care, I worked in open centres in psychiatric hospitals as well as with my hands in farmer's fields. Today I also work in a general practitionner cabinet "de Beurs".

Cycling is part of my life, both at home and abroad, with or without a destination. The longest and most beautiful solo trip I did was on the West Coast of America. I am an avid reader of world literature (particularly Russian) and have a keen interest in cinema.


I offer mental support to mums and dads in Brussels. Do you want to become pregnant or are you already? The perinatal and postnatal moments are not hassle-free. Are you feeling unbalanced or a bit lost? Thinking and talking about it together is a step in the right direction. The importance of mental balance as a woman, future parent and mum is therefore crucial. The pink cloud is often fragile and the right path to support is sometimes hard to find.

I offer services tailored to your needs. Together we find ways to bring you mental peace. Your input helps us determine the path we can work on together. Discussions as a couple/parents are also encouraged.

For more information, you can call me at 0496/91 24 38 or write me at info@mombxl.com.

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After my midwifery degree in Leuven and my training at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, I did several missions in different parts of Africa, such as Cameroon, Rwanda and Congo.

I also worked in South America and the USA and did some internships in England and Denmark to experience working as a midwife in other countries.

For several years, I worked at the Sint-Jan Hospital in Brussels. First in dialysis and then in the mobile unit, which allowed me to be flexible. I followed several courses to work in the high care unit, the emergency and in the palliative care unit.

Working as a midwife and as a nurse fills me with energy and satisfaction. Being able to do this in the home environment of the patient only increases the fulfilment. Riding from house to house by bicycle is the pinnacle of working for Wheel of Care.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time in my kitchen garden and trying new recipes.


I was born and raised in Brussels  & I feel a special love for the city where I work and live.

After an internship at Wheel of Care, I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do: providing slow care in Brussels to future mothers and fathers from around the world!

I find it incredibly satisfying to support and help new parents in this beautiful yet hectic period in their lives. Combining my passion for being a midwife, cycling around in my city and keeping nature a bit cleaner fills me with joy and contributes to a balanced lifestyle.

After graduating in midwifery at the Erasmushogeschool in Brussels, I immediately started working for this beautiful organization!

I am currently also following a master’s degree in Sexology.

After work, I like to go out with friends and enjoy life to the fullest. I am always up for new challenges!


After graduating as a nurse in Brussels, I started working at the Sint-Jan Hospital in the heart of Brussels.

There I worked in the intensive care unit and for a few years in a surgical department. I have been working on hemodialysis for several years now.

With Wheel of Care, I can combine my passion for patient care with my love for the bicycle.

Besides my work I am an avid climber, I like to cycle long distances to enjoy nature in a relaxing way or I am looking for new delicious vegan recipes!


First I studied Romance languages, learned Spanish and taught French to newcomers. But after several travels and a great interest in humanitarian projects at home and abroad, I decided to switch to the healthcare sector.

After I specialised in social and psychiatric nursing, I started working in a Brussels hospital, where I have been active for several years with great joy. The metropolitan context with its multilingualism and cosmopolitan identity is very enriching for me.

I like buildings with a history, distant views and being outdoors. Usually, I'm somewhere on the road, on foot or by bike. I enjoy being able to combine many interests at Wheel of Care and be able to step into a different world through every doorstep.


I studied nursing in France in Orléans, worked in the cardiology department in Tours and moved to Brussels in 2005.

I first worked as an interim worker in several hospital services in Brussels and then started working as a home care nurse in 2006.

A few years ago, concerned about mobility and sustainability, I swapped my car for a bicycle and discovered the Wheel of Care project. I was very enthusiastic and happily joined the team in September 2019!

I also work part-time in a mobile team that supports caregivers in the Brussels region. Next to my nursing work, I am a member of the collective of artists Srendip who carry out participatory art projects in the public space of Brussels. I also really enjoy spending time in my kitchen garden with my two boys!


I like variety in my workplace. This is why I have been combining my work in a nursing home and psychiatric care home with home nursing at Wheel of Care since August 2021.

Working in a small, mutually supportive team is a huge perk for me. Add to that crossing Brussels by bike at dawn and providing the best care with the greatest attention to people of all origins and you have the best possible combination.

Diversity in my private life is also important: music and theatre, cycling, having a drink and a bite with friends, visiting our continent by train or sometimes just taking naps in my armchair.


Moving for love? Of course!

In 2017 I moved from the Netherlands to Brussels. With a degree in psychiatric nursing and tropical nursing in my pocket, I came to discover Belgium with my Dutch bicycle. I worked in hospitals, home care, residential care centres, psychiatry and the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic.

Wheel of Care is the crème de la crème for me. Helping someone with slow personal care and attention when necessary is the best thing there is. People receiving us in their home situation feels like a privilege.

I combine this with my current position within the Expertise Center for Dementia.

In my spare time, I like to see my family and friends. I love the beauty of new travel destinations, art and good food.


I followed Wheel of Care from the beginning through social networks and then got the chance to jump on board.

Particularly interested in the environment and health, I got my bachelor’s degree in nursing in addition to my cheese master's studies.

I worked in a psychiatric hospital in South India for a year. Thanks to this trip, I learned to work autonomously and to grow my flexibility and adaptability skills.

Home care allows offering customized quality care, taking the personality of the patient and his environment into account. As such, a right, healthy and honest relationship is built.

If I am not riding my bike or standing behind my cheese counter, I am a beekeeper, I love to take on sports challenges, I spend time with my friends or I search for new places in the world to discover!