Slow care on a fast bike
Wheel of Care is a partnership of midwives and nurses who provide home care in Brussels.

The non-profit association was founded in 2017 with the aim of offering holistic care in a sustainable way to the inhabitants of BrusselsTherefore, we opted for the third-party payer system whereby you only pay your share whilst the health insurance fund reimburses the care provider directly. Our entire care team is registered.  As such, we keep the threshold for care requests as low as possible and can reach everyone who needs care.

We provide "slow care", a warm care provision with particular attention to the sustainable use of our materials and transport. We make all our home visits by electric bike: a conscious and healthy choice. That way, we avoid traffic jams and arrive faster at your home while taking care of the environment and staying fit.

By offering "slow care" and taking the time needed for each patient, our work is also preventive. We hope that our way of working can serve as an inspiration for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Our midwives provide prenatal care to pregnant women at their homes, at the Nieuwland Child House or at the North Child House. Postnatally, families are mainly followed up at their homes.

Our nurses provide home care in the municipality of 1000 Brussels and the areas up to 2 kilometers around this zone as well as in the Nieuwland Child House.



We hope that our way of working can serve as an inspiration for the healthcare of tomorrow.

Warm home care in Brussels

Brussels is a vibrant city, full of life and energy. But Brussels is also a city where blending in with the crowd is not so easy. Families arriving in Belgium who do not know anyone, for example, can quickly become invisible, as can older people who are no longer physically strong enough to move around. The recent lockdowns have only reinforced this problem.

We believe home care is part of the solution. The familiar face of a caregiver who visits frequently breaks through the isolation. Health problems and risks can be identified and help called in more rapidly.

The relationship we build with our patients is based on trust. We listen and can discuss difficulties one is going through in order to look for solutions together.

Wheel of Care is a partner of "Huis van het Kind Nieuwland" and "Huis van het Kind Noord". In both houses, we rent a consultation room to receive pregnant women and their partners as well as parents with children older than one month. The Houses of the Child's mission perfectly matches ours: to reach and support vulnerable parents.

By getting to know the other partner organisations that are also present in the Houses of the Child, we can quickly call upon them when a family is in need.

Wheel of Care works in collaboration with several services that are also involved in nursing and midwifery care across all care lines in Brussels.

We are partners of the following projects:

We also closely work with several hospitals in Brussels, general practitioners, gynaecologists, the expertise centre de Volle Maan, Kind en Gezin & ONE, and home care nurses and midwives.

To promote cycling in the city, we are in close contact with the founders of Bike for Brussels, organisers of Critical Mass, the Tandem cafés, les soquettes en titane, etc.

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